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IUPUI + Motion Capture

Motion Capture is an advertisement video for IUPUI's School of Informatics motion capture and virtual production capabilities. 


We begin by watching our heroine prepare herself for the motion capture process. She blinks, and suddenly we have been transported into the fantastic world of Unreal Engine 5. As the sun brightens we snap back to our reality and end our motion capture session.

This video was conceived, created, and produced by me over the course of three weeks. This project utilized Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, FaceWare Studio, Xsens, and Unreal Engine 5 to create a cohesive virtual production.

Project Breakdown

Week 1

Motion Capture Session

For the beginning of this project I created a set of thumbnails and then worked to teach myself the needed processes in Maya, FaceWare, and Unreal Engine 5. Then I held a Motion Capture session using Xsens technology where I directed my actor to capture the needed movement and facial expressions.

Week 2

Scene/MetaHuman Creation


I used the MetaHuman creator to make a likeness of my actor while I created a fantastical scene in Unreal Engine 5. Once created, I retargeted all Xsens data to the MetaHuman and cleaned up the animation. Finally I set up my lights and cameras to compose the continuous shot.

Week 3

Post Production

For post production I found free to use music and cut my videos to flow with the composition using Adobe Premiere.

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