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Patient Zero

Patient Zero is a conceptual indoor theme park experience that casts guests as futuristic research scientists who are working to save Patient Zero from inside the body.


Patient Zero was an idea borne of the Covid pandemic; an immersive indoor theme park that would teach guests about viruses, disease, and vaccines by casting them in the role of research scientist. Guests arrive at the facility and, after a quick research brief, they are "miniaturized" and enter Patient Zero. They have now joined the fight against the Virus along with Immy the Immune System who helps guests along their adventures through their communication devices in an in-park app.

Patient Zero would feature thrill rides, shows, and other experiences that all serve as edutainment for guests to fully dive into the world of STEM and infectious disease research. Each attraction would increase the amount of "research" undertaken by guests in the quest to save Patient Zero. Instead of the fleshy inside of the human body, the aesthetic of the space would reference sci-fi and futuristic themes placing guests in a thrilling battle between science and disease.

Project Breakdown

Mock Advertisements

I created social media images and a commercial for Patient Zero as a way to show the overall theme of the park idea and how we could entice guests into visiting. The images used for the social media post and commercial are free to use images composited in Photoshop and Premiere Pro to evoke the mood of Patient Zero: a high stakes and thrilling research adventure. The color scheme was chosen to mimic a futuristic aesthetic. Park staff would be dressed in the astronaut type jump suits pictured in the advertisements to reinforce the fact that the guests have entered Patient Zero to fight the Virus.

Mock App Experience

I created a mock app using Adobe XD to simulate the guest experience prior to arriving at the park. The app mock up allows guests to book their visit to Patient Zero and plan their day by choosing their experiences. Each guest would be able to customize their "research" by adding on shows, tours, and other edutainment options alongside the thrill rides and dark rides offered at the park.

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