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Thanatopia is an award winning, themed entertainment design project created by a group of themed entertainment students at IUPUI. Thanatopia is a conceptual, year-round, horror theme park with an original story and design. 


Phobos has taken over an abandoned town and begun to create his Phobias in the old steel factory. The goal? To show mortals the joy in fear! Join us as we explore these terrors in rides, restaurants, and attractions, and have a delightful time.

In order to create as much immersion as possible we created an in depth website for the park and pitch video from the perspective of Phobos, God of Fear, and his Phobias. I acted as the lead producer for the project focusing on immersion, as well as narrative. I also contributed concept art (3D and 2D).

Thanatopia was created by Grace Shelton, Toby Derrig, Madison Schnurpel, and Shamar Johnson.

Project Breakdown


January 2022 - June 2022

Production of this concept involved creating schedules and outlines for both the pitch video and website over a six month time frame. I worked in a team of four to divide tasks and objectives to create the most immersive and comprehensive concept as possible.

Writing and Concept

Show Writing

3D Modeling

The story for this project was interwoven throughout all aspects from the dining options to the ride vehicles. My work as show writer focused on fusing the scary with the fun in all narratives. I also created all 3D assets for the project, and the 2D assets for the AquaPhobia water ride.


2022 Student Showcase

Best in Class – Sustainability / Resiliency: Thanatopia

Futurist Award for Trend: Thanatopia

Best in Show, Honorable Mention:  Thanatopia

Storytelling Honorable Mention: Thanatopia

Technology Honorable Mention:  Thanatopia


The Thanatopia project was an exercise in making sure everyone in the group was able to contribute within their skill sets, but also completing the wide array of tasks needed in theme park design. One of the biggest challenges was the division of labor when it came to different creative aspects of the project. We were able to list out each task that needed to be completed and then assigned based on skill and availability.


The second biggest challenge was the presentation of the work. We had so many different types of deliverables from scripts, 3D models, to concept art and we needed a comprehensive way to show the theme park design. After some trial and error we created the pitch video, and then included it in an organized faux website, which allowed us to effectively showcase each piece of the design.

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